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Food Manufacturing Software

From Receiving and Production through Shipping, PRIMS can control your complete plant floor.

  • Ensure Recipe Compliance with Automated Scaling & Mixing
  • Achieve Exceptional Lot Tracking & Fast Recall
  • Superior Production Scheduling & Planning Scheduling
  • Obtain Real-Time Inventory Control
  • HACCP and Food Safety Compliant
  • Eliminates Scaling & Mixing Errors
  • Get a Paperless Plant Floor

“No Operator Errors = Perfect Quality”

Hand Scaling

• Eliminate Operator Errors
• Reduce Ingredient Losses
• Increase Batch Consistency
• Perfect Piece Weight Checking
• Upgrade to PRIMS Batching at Any Time

This system gives management far more control over manufacturing operations.

Uncontrolled manual scaling wastes ingredients and production time and is a major barrier to compliance with Title III of the Bioterrorism Act, HACCP, BRC and SQF. It is also one of the major causes of bad or out of spec batches. PRIMS Scaling System eliminates these problems.

Management Control –This System is user-friendly, requiring little training to operate. Controls all manual ingredient scaling, additions and operator instructions, and provides a computerized record of each step in the mixing process, giving management the tools to prevent any inconsistencies within a batch. PRIMS generates reports for Ingredients, Formulas, Production, Scaling, Ingredient Usage, and Lot Numbers. Management can also can import inventory levels and finished production data into the company’s accounting software for accurate inventory control.

PRIMS worker
PRIMS worker

Automated Batching and Mixing

  • Eliminate Recalls due to Product Errors
  • Increase Production Yield
  • Optimize Scheduling
  • Reduce Batch Cycle Times
  • Eliminate Operator Errors
  • Reduce Ingredient Losses by 95%
  • Get a Perfect Batch Every Time
PRIMS system

Return-On-Investment -With the PRIMS-Batching System from Focus Works, you will begin seeing a return on investment in less than 6 months, by eliminating operator errors which cause product waste and inconsistent quality.

“PRIMS allowed us to determine where we had recipe compliance issues, and to take the required corrective action immediately. Improved visibility as to what is happening on the plant floor is a real plus.”

Jeff Patzer

VP of Operations & Engineering

Stauffer’s Biscuit Company

Dessert Manufacturing Software Provides Unique Tools

PRIMS version for complex dessert and cake manufacturers_ It has advanced functionality and tools not available in other scaling, batching and manufacturing software for bakeries. PRIMS (Production Recipe Ingredient Management System) is a software-based automation solution that allows food processors to obtain superior product quality and reduce the cost of wasted raw materials.

PRIMS Dessert functions include:

  • The ability to handle multi-level sub-recipes (sub-components) each having different production time schedules with processing and QC checks along the production line. It provides precise accountability of all materials and operations along the production line.
  • Production scheduling that has unlimited number of days or months with a 21-day viewing window with a real-time view of the mixing, baking and finishing operations simultaneously.
  • Calculation of the raw material requirements based on work orders and open ingredient purchase orders for the schedule on a day to day basis.
  • Handling multiple SKUs in packaging.
  • Enhanced WIP handling and instant visibility at a glance of any raw material shortages on the schedule.
  • Change orders get handled automatically on the fly and adjust WIPs and raw materials automatically.
  • Special handling for baking & finishing.
  • Full accounts receivable with sales reporting. It allows for unlimited price lists, custom pricing by customer, discounts and promotional pricing, brokers and multiple customer’s companies.
  • Handles combination of SKUs in one finished goods package.
  • A huge variety of reports including: customer and product ranking, product cost and margins by product or customer.

Various PRIMS Scales and Operator Systems

PRIMS scale
PRIMS worker
PRIMS operation machine
PRIMS worker
PRIMS worker