About Bakery Concepts



Ken Schwenger, President

Bakery Concepts provides unique and revolutionary equipment solutions to commercial bakers, millers and food processors so that they can grow their businesses by supplying high quality products at lower production costs to their customers.

With more than 37 years of experience in multiple aspects of our industry, Bakery Concepts provides innovative equipment solutions to a wide range of bakers and food processors. Our detailed knowledge of both formulation and process gives us a thorough understanding of the needs of multi-unit retailers, artisan bakers and large volume commercial bakers.

From a truly revolutionary hydration and mixing technology called Rapidojet which will decrease production costs, to AUXPAMA, the best scoring machines on the market, Bakery Concepts serves the baking industry with innovative equipment solutions designed to give rapid ROI and consistently high quality.

We are also pleased to represent NESTEC, a leading supplier of new, replacement and refurbished air emission control systems including RTOs, RCOs, Wet ESPs, and other auxiliary emission control equipment. NESTEC provides design, manufacturing, installation, aftermarket solutions and onsite services. Founded in 2005, NESTEC has unparalleled process experience, specializing in difficult air emission applications. Contact us today to get started on your free process evaluation, analysis, or proposal! NESTEC, Smart Solutions for Clean Air.

Please check out all of our equipment offerings online via the hotlinks above or at the Bakery Concepts YouTube Channel.

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