Rapidojet RJ5100

Rapidojet RJ5100


High Efficiency Hydration and Mixing

Separate the Wheat From the Chaff

The Rapidojet is a radical batch, continuous hydration mixing technology for a wide range of baking products. Bread, roll, cake, muffin, pastry dough and gluten-free products can be produced with Rapidojet. Additionally, grain soaking, gluten and potato flake hydration and other applications have been performed with this technology.

Single systems from 1,000 kg to 5,000 kg/hr have been supplied to the market. For greater volumes, just as with traditional mixers, multiple units can be supplied.

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The principle of introducing flour blended with other dry ingredients in free fall to a high pressure liquid stream has proven itself to provide the following benefits:

  1. Increased Hydration Level Of Dry Product:  5% to 10% more water is used to achieve the same dough/batter consistency and machinability.
  2. Increased Bound Water:  Complete, homogeneous hydration within the mixing chamber is achieved in a fraction of a second – not minutes. Water is fully bound.
  3. Increased Shelf Life: Shelf life is extended because more water is bound. This reduces starch retrogradation. Therefore, products made with Rapidojet stay softer and moister longer.
  4. Reduction Of Mixing Energy:  Because hydration and gluten development occur almost instantly, and a traditional mixer is eliminated for a no-time dough process, resulting energy savings are tremendous.
  5. No Gluten Wash Out:  If producing liquid sponge, this can be pumped from a fermentation tank to a final, traditional dough mixer with almost no gluten washout.
  6. Labor Costs Are Reduced:  It’s continuous or batch! For no-time dough, Rapidojet can deliver directly to the divider on your roll or bread line.
  7. Minimal Increase In Dough Temperature:  Due to the elimination of friction from a steel mixing tool and almost instant hydration and gluten development.
  8. Small Temperature Increase:  Only a 1-3º F increase in temperature is experienced.
  9. Decreased Cost In Coolant:  Minimal use of coolant for the mixer, and a reduction in ice for the mixing step, due to the minimal increase in dough temperatures.
  10. Reduction In Ingredients:  Due to the minimal increase in dough temperature, yeast levels can be reduced. The full hydration of gluten would also make it more functional, requiring less dough conditioners.
  11. Preventative Maintenance, Spare Parts And Sanitation Costs Are Substantially Reduced:  This compact system consumes far less space in your plant.

Additional Product Details

  • 100% financing available
  • Deposits paid by lease company
  • Application-only financing up to $150,000 with single application
  • Terms of 24 to 84 months
  • For leasing information and contacts, please contact us directly