Bakery Concepts is a proud sponsor of the BAKED in Science Podcast

Dr. Lin Carson is on a mission to get BAKED in Science. Setting up shop where baking and science meet, her podcast is focused on all the technical aspects of the commercial baking industry. She covers everything from food safety, ingredient and equipment solutions and innovation. With guests from all corners of the industry, talking on some of the hottest topics and trends, BAKED in Science is right in the midst of the mix!

Do you beat the heck out of your dough during mixing and make it as warm as possible? If so, I’d like to introduce you to a new form of cool mixing from Rapidojet. Here, we learn about Dr. Bernard Noll’s startup story for Rapidojet: continuous hydration mixing technology. Read More

Bakery Concepts is a proud sponsor of the Pitching a Loaf Podcast.

BAKERpedia’s Dr. Lin Carson dives into the big questions surrounding bread and the baking industry—from her experiences of a 90-day bread diet, to the key issues bread bakers encounter, to industry trends and tips. Together with her co-host Dave Dahl, founder of Dave’s Killer Bread, she talks with experts, suppliers and bakers. So go grab some bread and get ready for some excellent insight into the world of bread!

Pitching a Loaf Podcast S1E1: Why Bread?

Bread is bad for you. You’re going to get fat. You shouldn’t eat all that gluten. These comments came from all directions as Dr. Lin Carson started her journey of eating a loaf a day, for 90 days. Today she is joined by Dave Dahl, founder of Dave’s Killer Bread, to discuss why bread is getting a bad rap.  Read more . . .

Pitching a Loaf Podcast S1E12: Eat Bread 90 Comes to an End!

The final results are in! After a loaf a day for 90 days, Dr. Lin Carson shares her final weight and levels. Did she gain 20 pounds like everyone thought she would, or was her hunch right that a diet full of bread isn’t as terrible as people think? Read more . . .