Auxpama Bakery Equipment

Superior Water Scoring Has Arrived.

Manual scoring with blades is dangerous, inconstant and very labor intensive. Health care and legal costs are a constant source of stress. Your customers demand consistency in product appearance. Free your people up for other more productive tasks and reduce repetitive motion issues with Auxpama bakery equipment. Score from racks, conveyor belts or over the oven infeed. You choose the level of automation. Even retrofit the old non-adjustable rotary cutters at the entrance to your tunnel oven. Vision option is available when product is not uniformly positioned.

Primary Benefits of Water Scoring

  • No blades: Customers are demanding that bakeries and food plants eliminate blades from production. They are a health and legal risk all along the supply chain
  • Labor and health care costs are reduced. Repetitive motion injuries are avoided
  • From small rolls to baguettes, all sizes can be accommodated
  • Customers demand consistency
  • The full range of scoring designs are possible
  • Ethernet connectivity allows for service and support
  • Multiple programs / multiple products

Manual rack docking with automated scoring

Auxpama 1.2 CortCorIm1

Highest volume scoring with maximum versatility

Auxpama CorLingIm2

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  • 100% financing available
  • Deposits paid by lease company
  • Application-only financing up to $150,000 with single application
  • Terms of 24 to 84 months
  • For leasing information and contacts, please¬†contact us¬†directly