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The best scoring machines on the market.

These scoring machines provide an effective way to score fermented or unfermented dough, in addition to dough with a very high (100%) hydration level or even dough with very low (50%) hydration level can be processed.

The Leonardo

Beor’s Leonardo is a unique scorer. While many other regular water scorer cuts in a straight line, Leonardo intelligently follows the contour of the bread, resulting in the same depth of cut throughout the entire surface of the bread. Just like the Artisan baker’s hand scored bread, these kinds of cut provides a more natural and rustic look to the bread.

Leonardo is capable of scoring product placed in or on any type of fluted pan, tray or board. The baker does not need to transfer or manipulate product prior to scoring. The system sees where every product is located and is even able cut on flat boards where the distance between products is not equal (as seen below).


Figure 1: All other water scorers on the market require a fixed position.


Figure 2: Only Leonardo can accommodate scoring where the distance between loaves is not equal.

Beor bread dough

The main advantages of the Leonardo water scorer are:

  • No blades
  • Less risk of blade breakage, thus reducing food safety concerns
  • Score smaller pieces
  • Continuous non-stop system
  • Nozzles that do not clog
  • Minimum maintenance required
Beor baked bread

What to expect with the Leonardo:

  • A photoelectric cell laser automatically adjusts with height variations. Therefore, it reduces the normal errors of manual adjustments.
  • The control (HMI) of the machine is equipped with a touch screen that has the ability to store different recipes.
  • Adjustable to any type of tray or board up to 1 meter by 1.000 meter
  • Ethernet connection is available for troubleshooting.
  • A water softener is recommended
  • We can adjust the water pressure depending on the type of dough. To score breads with a high content of water we need less pressure. For example, bread like ciabatta, baguette or multigrain bread will require different pressures. This can all be saved as part of the program in the HMI.
  • Type of installation: We have equipment that can automatically feed the Leonardo, or you can manually load the trays or pans.
  • Different types of scoring: 1) Herringbone score 2) Crisscross score and 3) Straight score
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