The summer months amplify a problem experienced by all large bakers. Doughs “Tail Out” as they run down the make-up line. Rounding and moulding time, speed and pressure are constantly being adjusted. Scale weights are regularly checked. People standing on either side of the finger belts must grab the cripples and through them back into the head machine. Warmer dough temperatures make the problems worse.

Oxidation is seen as the culprit.

More ice or glycol are required if the correct dough temperature is to be achieved. Water chillers and ice machines are working overtime. Ice kills mixers. Glycol is expensive.

What if the primary cause of “Tail Out” isn’t oxidation?

Every good mixer operator and Plant Manager knows that there are just a few goals of mixing bread and bun dough. They are to fully and evenly hydrate all of the dry Majors, Minors and Micros and develop gluten structure.

How long does it really take for water to fully penetrate the natural surface tension barrier of these various drys?

When soaking Bran for 3 hours, only 80% – 90% hydration can be achieved. But, Rapidojet instantly hydrates at 220%. The benefits to total yield, loaf volume and shelf life are dramatic, Vital Wheat Gluten wants between 300% and 400% hydration in order to be fully functional. When added as a dry ingredient at the mixer, it’s never functional and steals water from your dough. Rapidojet solves this problem while it reduces the need for VWG by 20% for this very expensive ingredient.

White Flour takes about 30 minutes to become fully hydrated at a normal 76% level.

But, you’re only mixing for 12 – 15 minutes. If you use a Tweedy or other high-speed mixer, you’re only mixing for up to 5 minutes. How can the flour and other drys be fully satisfied for water?

They can’t!!

Here’s the big secret!

Doughs “Tail Out” not because of oxidation! They “Tail Out” because of improper and incomplete hydration!! Warmer doughs on the make-up line just accelerate the whole process.

Rapidojet’s patented use of high pressure liquid addition to drys solves the problem of Dough “Tail Out”. You’ll see soldiers running down your make-up line as your staff stands by with their hands in their pockets. Bread boules will scale accurately throughout a 3,000 lb. dough and run through your intermediate without skinning up or “moving” too fast.

It’s all because we don’t use a destructive metal tool to force drys and liquids together. The ideal hydration level is achieved in a fraction of a second. Gluten structure is fully developed in the blink of an eye.

A normal mixer has a limited hydration range of about 30%. Rapidojet can instantly and homogeneously hydrate or mix all of the following;

  • 65% hydrated Flour and Water Biga for breads and rolls with full gluten development. Add this to your final mixer along with your Minors and Micros and you only need 3-5 minutes to finish your mix.
  • 85% hydrated Flour and Water Biga for Ciabatta dough. Same final process as above.
  • 115% hydrated Liquid Sponge with or without yeast combined with the Ingredient Water. Rapidojet’s patented use of high pressure introduces about 30% more oxygen to the water. Thus, fermentation occurs about 25% faster with the same level of aroma and flavor.
  • Also, the much more homogeneous bond between drys and liquids prevents most of the normal “gluten washout” when pumping this fermented Sponge through the heat exchanger.
  • 220% hydrated Bran. No more soaking for hours. Think of the sanitation benefits and the space savings. Higher dough yield, higher loaf volume, longer shelf life, 10% less mix time in the legacy mixer, more consistent dough on the line.
  • 400% hydrated Vital Wheat Gluten. Because it’s now totally satisfied for water, it’s fully functional. Thus, you’ll be able to reduce your usage level by about 20% for this very expensive ingredient.

Now, what about Continuous Mixing? Yes, this has been done, too.