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How would you characterize from the year 2019 from a business perspective, compared to 2016, when the last edition of iba was held? In speaking with other exhibitors, it seemed as if the total attendance was lower than it was in 2016. But the quality of the visitors was higher. Serious buyers attended this show. Also in speaking with some of my larger customers, they sent fewer people this time. But the people who came were serious people with specific tasks.

What are some development plans for the future, or innovations that bakers can look forward to? We believe that the strongest trends include “artisan, whole grain, organic, ancient grain, clean lable, sprouted grains, multigrain”. White pan bread is not projected to grow.

How has the interest for your solutions evolved in the past couple of years and what type of solutions from your portfolio do you expect to perform in the future? 15 years ago, we invented the category of “High-pressure Pre-Hydration”. We hold patents on the use of high-pressure liquid addition to drys as well as a separate patent on our Mixing Chamber. Since that time, a number of companies have developed low-pressure copies of our technology. With low-pressure, almost no benefits are realized. Rapidojet has been used as a Continuous Mixer for Masa hydration / mixing for tortilla dough, Gluten Free products, etc. My customers have seen the following benefits;

  • At only about 1.5 Kw. Hr. / ton of output, you will see mixing energy drop by more than 80%. All normal mixers consume about 15 Kw. Hr. / ton of output
  • Given that this is now a Continuous Mixing process, your labor costs should be reduced by about 80%. No more manual scaling of ingredients, mixing, bowl transport, etc.
  • Total product consistency as you just now hit “start” and “stop”
  • Worker safety. No more mixing tools, mixing bowls, hoists, etc.
  • Sanitation benefits due to the elimination of the mixer, mixing bowls and hoists
  • Maintenance costs of the normal mixer, hoist, etc. are gone

Rapidojet is the most disruptive technology developed for the food, baking, flour milling and brewing industries in the last 100+ years. The patents that we own are the key. Instead of a metal tool such as a horizontal bar, hook, paddle, whisk, etc. we utilize high-pressure liquid addition to any dry product. I recently received another patent on our very simple but unique “Mixing Chamber”. The combination of these 2 functionalities allow one machine to run ALL hydration levels from a 2% solution to a very stiff 65% hydrated Biga.

This high-pressure water addition to free-falling grain is the key to our ability to perform all of the following tasks in one, single pass through our machine for flour milling;

  • Temper grain: Rapidojet drastically reduces or eliminates the normal 8-26 hour Tempering time
  • Rapidojet instantly washes almost all DON, chaff, saponin and other contaminants from the exterior of any grain
  • Rapidojet substantially reduces the time required for Sprouting

Recently in South Africa, we shot vinegar through our high-pressure nozzle into free-falling mustard seeds and instantly hydrated the mustard seeds. This eliminated the normal 12-hour soaking time so that the seeds could go directly to the mill for mustard production. Amazing!!!

The primary benefits of Rapidojet for the mixing process are;

• Increase in hydration level (yield) of all products by at least 5% . This is because our use of high-pressure liquid addition to drys creates a much stronger bond between drys and liquids.
• Bran Flakes are being instantly hydrated at well over 200% prior to addition to the normal dough mixer. Zero soaking time. Yield, loaf volume, shelf life, eating quality, etc. are all improved while mix time in the legacy mixer is reduced by about 10%
• Reduced mix times by up to 85% for doughs consisting mainly of flour because Rapidojet instantly develops gluten structure.
• Continuous Mixing of Gluten Free and other products
• Fermentation times are reduced by about 25%
• Ice is regularly eliminated from final dough mixers
• For any Masa products, we’re running Rapidojet as a Continuous Mixer for corn chips. Potato flakes and potato flour are also being hydrated / mixed in Continuous Mix mode and pumped directly to the depositor
• Hydrocolloids such as pectin, pre-gel starch, xanthan gum, etc. are being homogeneously and instantly hydrated at solutions from 2% – 20% with ambient temp water with no fisheyes and total consistency
• DON, chaff, saponin and other naturally occurring contaminants are almost eliminated instantly from the exterior of a full range of grains
• Tempering time is substantially – if not entirely – eliminated in the same, single pass as above
• Sprouting time is substantially reduced in the same, single pass as above
• The brewing process is positively impacted
• Soaking time for a full range of seeds has been reduced. For instance, the normal 12 hours of soaking mustard seeds in vinegar prior to grinding into mustard has been eliminated. Immediately after Rapidojet, the Plant Manager picked up the seeds and asked, “Where did the vinegar go?”.

This is why we’ve been delivering Rapidojet machines for ALL of the following purposes;

65% hydrated Biga. Because we instantly develop gluten structure, our customers see the following benefits from just this one application;

1. Mix times of less than 4 minutes per batch
2. Increased hydration level of about 8%
3. Much less dough “tail out” on your make-up lines
4. Significant reduction or elimination of the need for ice (or glycol) during final mixing
5. Reduction in the usage level of yeast
6. Reduction in the usage level of dough conditioners
7. Longer shelf life of your products

113% hydrated Liquid Sponge. This provides the following benefits;

1. 10% higher hydration level (yield) with the same consistency. This is because of the much stronger bond between flour and water created by the high pressure
2. 25% faster fermentation due to more oxygen added because of our use of high pressure
3. Much less gluten washout through the heat exchanger after fermentation. Again, because of the better bond between flour and water created by our use of high-pressure

220% hydrated Bran. This provides the following benefits. Also, see the attached picture of the volume difference when adding pre-hydrated Bran to the mixer vs. dry Bran

1. Higher loaf volume
2. Higher dough yield
3. Longer shelf life
4. Better eating quality
5. 10% less mix time in the legacy mixer

400% hydrated Vital Wheat Gluten. This provides;

1. 20% reduction in usage level because the VWG is fully functional

Continuous Mixing of Masa for corn chips / tortilla chips;

At only about 1.5 Kw. Hr. / ton of output, our customer has seen mixing energy drop by more than 80%. All normal mixers consume about 15 Kw. Hr. / ton of output
Total produce consistency
Worker safety
Sanitation benefits due to the elimination of the mixer and mixing bowls

Grain cleaning, tempering and sprouting
We’ve instantly cleaned saponin from quinoa, chaff, DON and other contaminants from a range of grains.

How much is your NPD influenced by current market trends, as well as by demands from your clients and prospective customers? What other aspects factor in? We listen to our customers and deliver what they need.

Thank you!