Dough “Tail Out” Resolved

The summer months amplify a problem experienced by all large bakers. Doughs “Tail Out” as they run down the make-up line. Rounding and moulding time, speed and pressure are constantly being adjusted. Scale weights are regularly checked. People standing on either side of the finger belts must grab the cripples and through them back into [...]

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IBIE Review-Exhibitor Q&A

  How would you characterize from the year 2019 from a business perspective, compared to 2016, when the last edition of iba was held? In speaking with other exhibitors, it seemed as if the total attendance was lower than it was in 2016. But the quality of the visitors was higher. Serious buyers attended this [...]

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Rapidojet High-Pressure Hydration

The most important food is a simple molecule – water. Alongside its significance as a direct food, it also plays a key role in producing foods. The starting material for further processing is often produced by combining water or other liquids into dry basic ingredients. If the basic substance is flour, then depending on the [...]

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Crunching the Numbers: A Better Way to Make Corn Chips

With consumers on the lookout for healthy, on-the-go snacks, corn chips are a great solution. Plus, they are naturally gluten-free, another growing market. To take full advantage of this sector, however, you’ll need to streamline your product and process. By using a continuous mixing system for tortilla corn chips and other corn-based products, you’ll be [...]

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How Do You Optimize Dough Hydration and Avoid “Tail Out”?

Getting the ideal dough hydration level is one of the most important goals of mixing. When ingredients are instantly and properly hydrated, both the product on the make-up line as well as the final product becomes more consistent and the quality increases. Yet if you’ve ever been a part of the mixing process, you know it’s not just a simple step [...]

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How to Make Your Healthy Whole Wheat Bread Better

Whole wheat bread products have been rising in popularity, thanks to their nutritional profile and healthy reputation. Still, baking with whole wheat can be a challenge. It’s easy to have loaves turn out dry, dense, and crumbly. So what’s the secret to baking whole wheat bread that’s actually enjoyable to eat and healthy? To answer this [...]

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Struggling with Your Sponge and Dough Process?

Sponge and dough is a method of baking unique bread, but it’s getting hard to do in the baking industry. The technique of bulk fermentation is simple—just mix flour, water and yeast. But there’s a catch: it takes a long time and a lot of space. With higher speed, larger operations, automation has taken its [...]

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Take Off in 2018 with Rapidojet: The future of industrial hydration and mixing

Why not start off the new year with a smart step forward? You want to make the biggest positive impact on your commercial bakery or food production site. You need to save money, make a quality product and increase efficiency. You can do it all with one, simply brilliant step. Strap yourself into the patented jet engine technology [...]

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Do Your Doughs Tail Out or Lack Consistency?

Dough consistency can make or break your operation. Solve the problem, and you’ll have less waste and a higher quality product. When your dough comes out the same time and time again, you can fine tune and optimize your process, keeping production running smoothly. It can be easier said than done. Your batches come out [...]

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