5 Ways to Increase Bakery Capacity

In the food industry, bakeries are looking to do more with less. A report published by Technavio on bakery trends for 2017 found bakeries are looking for efficient equipment that’s well made and can cut time. No matter the size or the type of your operation, you probably have similar goals. Having equipment that can do more [...]

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The Future of Bakery Engineering

If there’s one thing we all want to see, it’s the baking and food industry grow. I’m not just talking about expanding our product lines and sales, but laying the groundwork for expanding ideas and inspiring young leaders; making room for innovation and a fresh way of approaching problems. That’s why I’m a supporter of [...]

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Watch your Biga Yield Grow!

You bake with preferments to improve bread’s texture, aroma and hydration all with less yeast. So why not improve your biga so it can in turn better enhance your products? By optimizing your biga to the max, you will see big advantages in terms of yield and product quality. How do I optimize Biga? The [...]

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Stop Being Corny with Batch Masa Mixing! Use Rapidojet

Tortillas. Chips. Tamales. Corn bread. All of these delicious products rely on masa flour. And as food producers, you rely on masa performing to the best of its ability.  That’s why I’m so excited about the Rapidojet Technology and how it handles this corn flour. Rapidojet has no problem mixing masa, let alone improving your [...]

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Keep the Dough Rolling!

Everyone loves pizza. At least that’s what commercial baking trends have shown in 2016 as pizza sales reached the highest peak in the last four years. In fact, the average American eats an average of 23 pounds a year! Pizza dough suppliers are building bigger lines, with ability for more variety, according to reports. More [...]

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The Water Question

It’s the big question with whatever ingredients you’re mixing: how will water interact with what’s in the bowl? If this isn’t one of your big questions, it should be! Your process for mixing usually starts with the main dry ingredient, such as flour. Getting the perfect texture, consistency and shelf life—from crumbly dry masses to [...]

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IBIE 2016 Was a Success!

IBIE 2016 was a phenomenal show! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to learn more about the exciting possibilities of the Rapidojet technology. As one person said, it was “the most exciting equipment at the show!” Over the four days, we ran a series of demos giving a full range of bakers, millers and food [...]

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