Most of the time, more power is a good thing. But when you’re running a full-time food operation and looking to save money, you want to use as little electrical power as possible to get the job done. If you are looking to cut energy costs without cutting quality, consider the Rapidojet technology.

Rapidojet can create a 70% hydrated Biga with instantly developed gluten. This would usually take 15 kwh per ton to make. However, Rapidojet only uses 1.5 kwh per ton, while significantly cutting final mixing time in the existing mixer by up to 65%.

Too good to be true?

Not with this mixer. The design is simple: free-falling dry ingredients are shot with a high pressure stream of water. Check out this video to see just how it works:

Usually the biga and final ingredients would mix in the mixing bowl for 12 minutes. With this method of spraying the flour first with all the water, the mixing time is reduced to five to seven minutes. This means that every five to seven minutes, there is 1,000b of dough coming out of the mixer. Compare that to only 1,000b every 12 minutes with traditional mixing methods.

Because the dough is ready in only five to seven minutes, not enough friction is created to heat up the dough. Therefore, the need for ice or jacketed mixers is substantially reduced or eliminated.

In addition, since the temperature is not too high, less yeast and dough conditioners are needed. Higher dough temperature over activates yeast, so more yeast must be used. Also higher temperatures cause more stress in the dough and this makes the dough more difficult to process. That’s why standard mixing requires so much dough conditioners to be added in. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that this patented design for mixing helps increase your product’s hydration, thus total yield. Because the water is more homogeneously bound to the flour, 5% – 8% more water must be used in order to achieve the same level of machineability and “dough feel.”

Getting your money’s worth

Bran is instantly hydrated at up to 300% and VWG is instantly hydrated at 400%. Eliminate the time, equipment, labor and space required for your normal soaking of grains. Hydrocolloids such as starches, gums and pectin are instantly hydrated at levels as high as 2% – 8% solution.

Rapidojet should be viewed as the new ‘two-step’ form of mixing that every baker needs to check out. Not only is the product improved, but the cost is worth it.  The ROI on this equipment can be as quick as a few months due to the above said increase in output and reduction in ice, yeast and dough conditioners. That’s a whole lot of benefit out of 1.5kwh per ton!

Come talk to us about Rapidojet at BakingTECH 2017, Table #710, Feb. 26-28!