With consumers on the lookout for healthy, on-the-go snacks, corn chips are a great solution. Plus, they are naturally gluten-free, another growing market. To take full advantage of this sector, however, you’ll need to streamline your product and process.

By using a continuous mixing system for tortilla corn chips and other corn-based products, you’ll be able to cut down on time, energy, equipment, and more. With the patented Rapidojet technology, you’ll be able to radically change your process of mixing masa.

Here’s how it works for corn chips

Rapidojet is a revolutionary way of mixing. Dry ingredients, such as masa, are fed through the machine, and shot with a high pressure stream of liquid. As a result, the masa is instantly hydrated and mixed, and can fall directly into the Masa Hog or Depositor. This means the normal mixer and mixing bowls are completely eliminated. Think of the product consistency, worker and product safety, sanitation and energy usage benefits.

How the Rapidojet works with your Masa Hog or Depositor to make corn chips.

Benefits that come with Rapidojet technology:

  • Only about 1.5 Kw Hr. / ton of output from Rapidojet vs. approximately 15 Kw Hr. / ton from a normal mixer
  • You no longer use mixers or mixing bowls
  • You no longer need glycol or ice in your dough
  • The associated sanitation and safety benefits
  • The associated labor savings
  • Total product consistency

How does all this impact your Return on Investment (ROI)?

Quite a bit! At a dough capacity [kg/h] of 1,000, and factoring in the savings of mixing energy, labor, and cooling costs, you’ll save $169,639 in just one year!

ROI Analysis Rapidojet
Standard Rapidojet Savings $/unit Savings [$/year]
Capacity dough [kg/h] 1,000 1,000
Working hours per day [h] 14 14
Hydration [%] 50 50
Typical mixing energy [kWh/to] 10 1.5
Cooling needed {°F] *1) 15 0
Workers on the line 2 1
Production per day [kg dough] 14,000 14,000
Production per year [to] 5,096 5,096
Flour per year [to] 3,397 3,397 0 400 $0
Water per year [to] 1699 1699 0 10 $0
Mixing energy [kWh] 50960 7644 43316 0.12 $5,198
Labour costs 10220 5110 5110 25 $127,750
Cooling [to * °F] 76440 0 76440 0.48 $36,691
Total: $169,639


So if you’re ready to take your corn chip game to the next level, let’s talk! Send me an email at ken@bakeryconcpets.net.