It’s not often you find a mixer that solves multiple food production issues. However, the versatility of the Rapidojet mixing technology reaches into many corners of the food industry. Here are a few products that it improves.

Dough and batter

Bread, roll, cake, muffin and pastry dough are all reap benefits from Rapidojet. Full gluten hydration happens almost instantly. Hydration level must be increased by about 8% and mixing times are shorter so little to no ice or glycol is needed. There is also no tail out on the make up line. Sponge and Biga ferment about 25% faster with the same benefits.

Gluten-free in continuous mix

Gluten-free products become softer and moister with a longer shelf life, thanks to the increased hydration and bound water.

Dried potato flakes and potato flour

Rapidojet can be used as a Continuous Mixer for potato flakes to make mashed potatoes. While other mixers leave the final product extremely sticky, this is not the case with Rapidojet! The flakes are fully and instantly hydrated and the mash can be pumped directly to your depositor. Huge labor, energy and sanitation savings.


Mixing masa for corn products like tortilla chips? The machine is installed above the Masa Hog or Depositor so that the normal mixer and mixing bowls can be eliminated. The production efficiency is improved, as well as the consistency of your product thanks to increased hydration.

Tempering, cleaning and sprouting grains

By treating grains with Rapidojet, 3 tremendous benefits are achieved: contaminants (DON) are removed from the grain’s surface, effectively reducing microbial counts, Tempering occurs in 3 hours or less and the final yield is increased. In our tests, the conventional method had an initial hydration level of 19.78%, while the Rapidojet method was as high as 33.34%. Plus, the time required for Sprouting is substantially reduced.

What’s the secret?

Instead of a metal mixing tool, Rapidojet uses high pressure liquid addition to dry ingredients. No matter what the drys are, they are instantly hydrated at a molecular level and at the ideal level, As a result, hydration and ingredient-function increase while process time and costs decrease. Our patented use of high pressure creates a much more homogeneous bond between drys and liquids. For bread doughs, approximately 8% higher hydration is required in order to attain the same level of machineability and dough feel.

More food production benefits of Rapidojet

  • 90% less mixing energy. Rapidojet only consumes about 1.5 Kw. Hr. / ton of output vs. the approx. 15 Kw. Hr. / ton from a traditional mixer.
  • Consistency. Continuous mixing provides almost total consistency in the final product because the mistakes of human error in ingredient scaling, mix time/floor time, equipment variances, etc. are eliminated.
  • Worker safety. No more bowls to move and no more metal mixing tools to remove fingers, arms, etc. Labor costs are also cut.
  • Sanitation benefits. Because mixers, bowls and bowl hoists are no longer used, they don’t need to be cleaned. Contamination issues are mostly eliminated because open bowls are not sitting around the plant.
  • Return on Investment. Annual ROI ranges from $62,807 to $1,100,656, depending on the size of machine and your usage levels.

If you produce of these products, or something else that’s not on the list, let’s talk about how Rapidojet can improve your food production! Send me an email at