You bake with preferments to improve bread’s texture, aroma and hydration all with less yeast. So why not improve your biga so it can in turn better enhance your products? By optimizing your biga to the max, you will see big advantages in terms of yield and product quality.

How do I optimize Biga?

The key to biga working wonders in your products is its hydration. This Italian-style stiff preferment has a 50-60% water absorption. It plays an important role in hydrating flour during the mixing process. But what if by just changing the way you mix, you could drastically improve that hydration, along with other things?

To truly optimize biga, try a Rapidojet mixer. It shoots free-falling dry ingredients with a high pressure stream of water, instantly hydrating them. With the Rapidojet technology, we can pre-hydrate 100% of the ingredient flour with 100% of the ingredient water to the existing mixer.

Then, the minors and micros such as salt, yeast and dough conditioner are added at the bowl and the mixing process is finished. A fully-hydrated mixed dough is a happy one, and is proven to increase yield.

Biga mixed with Rapidojet, sees  at least a 4% higher total yield when all the flour is pre-hydrated into the existing mixer. Other customers have realized a total increase in yield via more homogeneous hydration of 8% with the same degree of “dough feel” and machinability.

Get huge cost savings, QUICK!

For Biga, there is at least 50% less mixing time in the existing mixer when all flour is pre-hydrated via Rapidojet and minors and micros are added at the bowl. Most other customers are seeing a reduction of 65% in mix time. At only 1.5 kW hr. / ton of output vs. the normal 15 kW hr. / ton from a typical horzontal mixer, Rapidojet represents a HUGE amount of energy savings.

Impressed yet? Here are a few other benefits you can expect with the Rapidojet technology:

  1. Significant reduction in the amount of ice or glycol required to keep the dough cool.
  2. The need for dough conditioners is drastically lowered.
  3. Reduced need for yeast or accelerated proofing.
  4. Longer shelf life because of the more homogeneous bond between drys and liquids. This slows starch retrogradation, the primary cause of staling.
  5. Increased consistency of the final baked product.

You bake with biga to improve your products. So why not mix with Rapidojet to improve your biga yield?

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