Let’s talk about bread scoring. When talking production lines, it may not be the first equipment that is addressed. However, innovative equipment can speed up your process AND improve product quality.

Bread scoring is more than pretty lines on a loaf (although it does play a key role in visual appeal). It is a crucial part in crust development and expansion. The slits allow for rising gases to escape, preventing split seams. Scoring can also influence color, crust, length—so you want to get it right.

Artisan, hand-made loaves usually come to mind when talking about scoring. And this is where bakeries starting to expand have to ask themselves: how do you keep the hand-made feel, while speeding up your line with automated equipment? Scoring machines are a great place to start.

Water Scorers

I truly believe water scoring is the way of the future. It eliminates slicing blades, which can break and cause food safety concerns. It also gives you more flexibility, precision and control for the whole process. If you are looking for a true artisan-approach to water scoring, I suggest Beor’s Leonardo automatic scoring machine to speed up your process and improve your bread.

While the Leonardo is not the first to use water to score, it is unique. What really sets it apart is its flexibility and intelligence. It can follow the contour of the bread, instead of just cutting in a straight line like many other automated scorers. This gives it that hand-scored feel, leaving your final product looking natural and rustic.

While it gives your bread the impression of a labor-intensive process, it really is a time-saver for you. One great feature is the Leonardo can score bread on any fluted pan, tray or board. So you don’t have to transfer or manipulate your product before scoring. And it can acknowledge if loaves are not evenly placed on the board, and adjust accordingly.

Top 5 reasons to use Beor’s Leonardo:

  1. Photoelectric Cell Laser – adjusts automatically with height variations and irregular placement of dough pieces.
  2. Adjustable to any type of tray or board up to 1 meter by 1 meters.
  3. Save presets in the program HMI.
  4. Artistic! Three types of scoring: Herringbone score, Crisscross score and Straight score.
  5. Eliminates the use of blades.

See it in action:

As your bakery grows, so will your equipment. So why not invest in something that will make your production and product better, without sacrificing what got you to where you are in the first place?

To learn more about Beor’s Leonardo automated scoring machine, and how it can help your company, contact me at ken@bakeryconcepts.net.