Your time is valuable. So I’ll get right to the point. The patented technology of Rapidojet gives you dough that’s ready to go in no-time.

Sound nice? I’m sure you are always looking for ways to speed up your process, getting more of your product out on the market. Yet some areas (like baking or mixing) can hurt product quality if corners are cut. However, Rapidojet does just the opposite: it cuts time and improves the product. Then you can focus on improving other aspects of your production line and product.

Why is it no-time dough?

The idea is that we instantly do most of the mixing AND hydration in one step with Rapidojet. In the first step of the process, it combines flour and water under high pressure. The flour falls through our Mixing Chamber where it is shot with the water. It comes out the bottom, into the bowl, already developed and hydrated.

This means 100% of the flour and 100% of the water are processed through Rapidojet into the existing, legacy mixing bowl. The bowl is then moved to the existing, legacy mixer where salt, yeast, dough conditioner, etc. are added.

Pre-hydration of flour

Pre-hydration of flour results in a fully developed dough with a short time.

Because we’ve already created the gluten development and increased hydration (total yield) by about 8%, the Minors only need to be incorporated into the dough. This will take about 4-5 minutes maximum. We’re talking a 65% reduction in mix time! Think about your new mixing capacity with this reduced mix time.

But we aren’t just talking about a dough that’s ready to go in a matter of minutes. This no-time dough is also better functioning than dough mixed in a traditional mixer. In the first step, Rapidojet technology improves the process of binding dry and wet ingredients. Gluten is fully hydrated, and more water is bound. This increases shelf life, texture, volume, strength and more.

More savings, more time

When you cut the time of your process, you are cutting more costs, like labor and power usage. The need for ice and glycol is also substantially reduced, because the process does not heat up your dough. Dough conditioners can also be used in much smaller quantities—or not at all!

Could no-time dough revolutionize your bakery? Send me an email at and let’s talk about the patented Rapidojet technology.