IBIE 2016 was a phenomenal show! Thanks to everyone who stopped by to learn more about the exciting possibilities of the Rapidojet technology. As one person said, it was “the most exciting equipment at the show!”

Over the four days, we ran a series of demos giving a full range of bakers, millers and food processors the opportunity to see our patented technology in action. For example, we demonstrated how Rapidojet is changing the way bakers use bran. Bran is rising in popularity as a healthy option. Yet with traditional mixing methods, bran products often turn out dry with no volume or shelf life. Not so with Rapidojet. We proved that the patented high pressure of Rapidojet instantly hydrates bran at 300% and it was impossible to squeeze any water out of it. It’s been shown that this pre-hydration of bran increases yield, shelf life and loaf volume while reducing mixing time in the bakery’s existing mixer by about 10%.

Rapidojet spits out hydrated bran

In no time at all, Rapidojet spits out hydrated bran.


What’s the secret?

The secret to this is instant and full hydration. Any dry ingredient is shot with a high-pressure stream of liquid that fully satisfies it for water. As a result, total yield, product quality and shelf life go up while mix times are reduced by as much as 65% when pre-hydrating Ingredient Flour to the existing mixer. This is because we instantly develop gluten.

fully-hydrated bran

Can you believe this fully-hydrated bran?

Bran is just one example of what Rapidojet can process. From bran to any flour, potato flakes, hydrocolloids, sprouted grain and much more, we can handle it. With all the interest generated at IBIE, it raises the big question: When is Rapidojet going to take over the food industry?