What we know about dough mixing has changed. Recent discovery has shown that traditional mixing in conventional mixers involve 1) hydration and 2) dough development. We have learned that the longer it takes to hydrate dry ingredients, the longer it will take in the mixer for the dough to develop. When we focus on hydrating the drys first, we significantly reduce the mixing time. Rapidojet uses a breakthrough hydration technique that hydrates dry ingredients.  This innovative machine uses a high pressure liquid stream applied to a wide range of free falling dry ingredients. It’s a whole new way to look at mixing, and it’s getting results—food processors are getting products with higher yields, longer shelf lives and lower production costs.

Why Rapidojet Is The Future

Traditional mixers force dry and liquid ingredients together with a metal tool. Not only does this friction slowly expose layers to hydration, it creates heat. The dough also takes substantial time to mix and fully bind the water.

Rapidojet, however, shoots free-falling dry ingredients, such as flour, potato flakes, bran or whole wheat with a high pressure liquid. It instantly and fully hydrates in under a second, without friction or heat. Therefore, there is only a 1 to 3oF change in temperature. As a result, when compared to other bakery equipment, the use of a Rapidojet has proven to eradicate the use of ice or glycol.

The high pressure liquid force also increases white flour’s water absorption by 5 to 8 percent, bran’s by 120%, and starch by 500%, fully binding the liquids to the drys. This fights off starch retrogradation, the primary cause of staling, increases product moisture and naturally provides a longer shelf life without added chemicals or changing machinability.

But Rapidojet does more than make an improved product. This bakery equipment reduces mixing time by 65% and consumed energy by 90%, while working at up to 5,000 kg/hr. I know, it’s too good to be true!



Rapidojet on the Market

Rapidojet is available worldwide, through AHK Solutions in Europe and Bakery Concepts International in the rest of the world. It was invented in Germany by food engineer Dr. Bernard Noll in 2004.

Hi, my name is Ken Schwenger, and I’m the President of Bakery Concepts. Since I started a big marketing push two and half years ago, sales are taking off. Our clients include some big-time bakeries and food processing clients from Australia to The Americas.

Once the food industry embraces it, Rapidojet will become the mixing standard. But it won’t just be for baked goods. This versatile bakery equipment with a free falling dry base and jet stream technology could be used for any product that needs hydration, from TV dinner mashed potatoes to dog food.

Come learn about Rapidojet! We will be at the ASB Baking Tech Conference in Chicago.

Bakery Concepts International also provides demonstrations of Rapidojet, so food manufactures can see how it handles their products at their location.  Find out more about Rapidojet and other bakery equipment at BakeryConcepts.net.