The right bakery equipment can be the decisive factor for the quality of your final product, and whole operation. If you disagree, here are just two reasons:

  1. Products not properly mixed, processed, proofed or baked are inconsistent, have limited shelf life and increase waste. Yet, done right, you’ll have a reliably consistent product
  2. The cost and efficiency of equipment affects overall profits.

However, it’s doubtful your bakery has an unlimited budget when it comes to equipment. Quality products cost money and there’s the return on investment (ROI) to consider.

How do you balance quality and function with your bottom line? 

No matter the scale of operation or size of company, this is the dilemma for bakeries and food producers.  So how do you go about picking a new machine? Here are five points to take into consideration:

  1. Ease of use for operators
  2. Space and energy usage
  3. Versatility with product production
  4. Maintenance and cleaning
  5. Product quality

If the equipment you’re considering will save you costs in these areas, you’ll have an idea on the ROI. If you make an investment in equipment, it has to improve operations and start paying for itself or you’ve just wasted a lot of money and resources.

What’s one new piece of bakery equipment that will have the biggest impact?

The mixer. Not only is this one of the most crucial steps for a variety of products, but it has the farthest reaching impact. An efficient mixer will save you costs for ingredients and labor, and it lays the foundation for the product as it moves through the rest of the make-up line.

Quality equipment and quality products: Rapidojet

If you’re looking for something with a rapid ROI that is going to significantly elevate product quality, you should look at Rapidojet’s patented technology. It’s a versatile continuous or batch mixer that revolutionizes the mixing process. Dry ingredients are mixed and full hydrated almost instantly via a high pressure stream of water. Less ingredients and time is needed to create a higher quality product. Your doughs will no longer “tail out”!

The annual ROI ranges from $62,807 to $1,100,656, depending on the size of machine and your usage levels.

How? Because you’ll be saving costs with ingredients, energy, and labor!

  • Reduce flour use by 5% – 8% via an increased hydration level with the same level of machinability. Bran is instantly hydrated at 250%
  • Reduce energy usage by up to 90%. Rapidojet only consumes about 1.5 Kw Hr. / ton of output vs. the normal 15 Kw Hr. / ton for a normal mixer
  • Reduce labor costs by using Rapidojet as a Continuous Mixer for many applications.

Have to see it to believe it?

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