How To Make Better Products with Less Pre-gel Starch

Pregelatinized starches–these modified carbohydrates are helping bakery products gelatinize faster and more effectively, while helping improve product quality. But what if you could get even better results and products, all while using less pre-gel–way less? New testing is showing the innovative Rapidojet mixer allows for just that.

Pre-gel Starch

As any baker can tell you, added starches are crucial for thickening and stabilizing a variety of products. Pre-gel starch is used in most one or two-step dough mixing processes. It quickly thickens and increases viscosity, without the need for heat like native starches. Instead, the gel swells in cold water. Pre-gel starch assists with moisture retention and freeze-thaw stability, along with the other added attributes of starch products

A  rising demand for gluten-free products is also driving pre-gel use. Pre-gels can be used as a direct gluten substitute in many baked goods, helping improve crumb structure and dough strength.

The Efficiency of Rapidojet

So how does Rapidojet affect pre-gel starches?

It supercharges it! Simply by penetrating the surface tension layer, and attaching directly to the starch’s amylose and amylopectin molecules.

Tests and analysis of starch hydration using Rapidojet mixing in bakery processing plants have shown that usage level of 6% pre-gel starch provides a thicker viscosity than the control sample, which indicates that a reduction of pre-gel usage could be accomplished.

How it Works

The key to this is the full, instant hydration of Rapidojet technology. Free falling dry ingredients are shot with a high pressure stream of water. In other words, complete hydration in a fraction of a second. Not only that, but it increases the hydration level and the bound water.

In the case of starches, this provides more water that is available to gelatinize the carbohydrate. In turn, this also reduces starch retrogation and makes a softer, moister, final product with a longer shelf life without molding.

Discover many more ways to save and improve products with Rapidojet! Ask how you can see it in action or contact us to learn more about our exciting tests and research.