Prehydration Mixing is the Answer

A big part of mixing relies on the hydration of dry ingredients. Hydrating dough while mixing is crucial for any baked good. As the latest research shows, it plays a key role in consistent quality and shelf life, among other things. Enter Rapidojet – an innovative mixer that is raising the bar on hydration standards. It hydrates dry ingredients, such as flour, with a high pressure stream of water before entering a standard mixing bowl. One of the big-time benefits of this method? Pre-hydration.

Hydration Matters

Fully understanding and maximizing hydration is key for all forms of dough. The longer a dough takes to hydrate, the longer it takes to develop and for water to fully bind. Hydration is also crucial to the formation of gluten. However, conventional mixing methods can take a while to reach ideal dough development. Forcing liquid and dry ingredients together with a metal tool takes time and adds heat. Dough conditioners can be used to counteract this. However, customers are looking for more clean-label products without added improvers.

What Does Rapidojet Offer?

So what’s so different about mixing with Rapidojet? A lot! For one thing, there is full and complete pre-hydration of the individual dry ingredients. Flour is sprayed with a high-pressure stream of liquid, so it’s pre-hydrated in a matter of seconds before it even hits the mixing bowl. On top of that, it causes instant gluten hydration and development.

Game-Changing Results

Just how big are the benefits of pre-hydration and instant gluten development? Here are five key improvements of pre-hydration with Rapidojet:

  1. Mixing time is reduced by around 65%. This means savings in time and money.
  2. No need for ice or glycol. The water source is enough to control the dough or batter temperature. Dough temperature doesn’t get too high due to the short mixing time.
  3. Hydration levels increase by 5% to 8%. However, still with the same “dough feel” and machinability.
  4. An improved shelf life. With more bound water, the baked goods remain softer, longer. For frozen dough, this means less freezer burn for your products.
  5. The need for yeast and dough conditioners is reduced. These are ordinarily formulated to counteract the friction and stress from traditional mixers- which aren’t a factor with Rapidojet.