Rapidojet Baking Equipment ROI on Bread Products

We’ve said it before: Rapidojet saves you money. With bread products, you can easily get money going back into your business in a short time. Depending on the size of the machine, the number of shifts run and how much hydration is used, a bakery can have a return on investment (ROI) of up to $1,100,656 a year! Even a small machine with just one shift can have a $62,807 ROI annually.

There are five main areas where Rapidojet technology cuts costs for your business:

1) Dry ingredients

Rapidojet technology shoots dry ingredients—such as flour, bran, vital wheat gluten, starch, potato flakes, whole grain, etc, with a high pressure stream of water creating instant hydration. The level of hydration also increases, with water intake rising by up to 10%. This causes a minimum of 2.5% of flour reduction per year, meaning $13,900 to $396,000 in savings per year.

2) Baking improver

Baking improvers, such as dough conditioners, are added to dough mixes to help increase hydration and improve the functionality of gluten. However, with instant and full hydration, the need for conditioners is significantly reduced—by 30%. This means your operations can cut between $18,200 and $324,000 a year, depending on the size of your operation.

3) Cooling

This is another area where you can expect big savings with Rapidojet. Mixing times with these machines are much, much shorter than traditional methods because the gluten is instantly developed.  Rather than forcing two ingredients together, causing heat and friction, they are instantly mixed, generating less heat. So your dough will no longer need as much ice or coolant. You can once again expect between $17,900 to $323,000 in savings annually.

4) Energy

Rapidojet can be used as a no-time dough process. With hydration and gluten development happening almost instantly, the energy savings are impressive. Depending on the size of operation, 21,840 to 393,120 kWh are saved per year.  This could be anywhere from $2,621 to $47,174 saved.

5) Labor

Rapidojet mixing is convenient and time saving. It can be run continuous or batch, delivering dough directly to the divider on a roll or bread line. This eliminates batches, bowls and a large decrease in labor cost. We estimate this means over $100,000 per year in labor savings for your bakery.

All of these ROI’s are for bread product lines. However, we are continuing to explore the use of Rapidojet technology, from sprouting grain to mashed potato flakes. Who knows how many more ways it will cut costs for your operations?
Find out how much you could be saving with Rapidojet! Download the Rapidojet Flour-Saving ROI Calculator (MS-Excel) or contact me for more information.