Now, come see Rapidojet at IBIE

difference in bread loaf volume

Difference in loaf volume when using hydrated bran from Rapidojet (left) vs. dry bran added to the mixer (right).

It’s almost here—the “biggest, most comprehensive event in the U.S. for the grain-based food industry,” otherwise known as the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). It’s also a perfect opportunity for you to see the Rapidojet technology at work. Bakery Concepts will be joining over 20,000 baking professionals from all over the world in Las Vegas this October. We’re excited to network with our peers and see what all of you bakery innovators have been working on. But we’re also excited to show off what WE’VE been doing with the Rapidojet.
Difference in loaf volume when using hydrated bran from Rapidojet (left) vs. dry bran added to the mixer.
Rapidojet is not just any bakery equipment, it represents the newest innovation in the industry. During the convention, our team will be putting on two demonstrations, twice a day, every day:

  1.  Instantly hydrating bran at 200%. No more soaking time!
  2. Fully mixing Masa for tortilla and pumping it through our Axiflow transfer pump.
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Find us in the exhibit hall at booth #1821 so that we can answer any questions about the full range of what the Rapidojet technology can do. Here are a few highlights:

  • Increase in total yield of up to 8% for bread/bun doughs – Via our high pressure liquid injection, the bond between drys and liquids is more complete and homogenous. Thus, to achieve the same level of machinability and “dough feel”, we must add more water.
  • Reduction in mix time in conventional mixers of up to 65% – When pre-hydrating ingredient flour to the existing, conventional mixer, the high pressure of Rapidojet instantly develops gluten. Then, just add your Minors and Micros and incorporate. These first 2 factors alone will give you better shelf life and an ROI of less than 1 year for large operations.
  • Significant Reduction in Power Consumption – Rapidojet is much more efficient than conventional mixing.  Approximately 1.5 kWh hr./ton of output is used compared to 15 kWh hr./ton for the average mixer.
  • Precise Temperature Control – Ice and glycol can be substantially reduced or eliminated. There is no more than a 2oF increase in temperature via Rapidojet. Final product temperature is controlled by incoming liquid and dry ingredient temperature. There is also minimal friction imparted upon the product during mixing.
  • Extreme Versatility in Product Output – Adjustments to hydration and recipe via plc can be accomplished while the mixer is running.  It has the ability to run from 10% hydration to 1500% depending upon what is being hydrated or mixed.  With Rapidojet it is possible to hydrate any free flowing powder or grain. We can produce a stiff Biga, a flowable liquid sponge or hydrate minor ingredients with the same machine (i.e. Pre-Gel Starch hydrated at a 4% solution instantly. 700 – 7,500 kg./hr. of total output from one machine)
  • Significant Reduction in Ingredient Costs – Due to higher hydration and lack of heat/friction there is in increase in yield along with a decrease in usage levels of ice/glycol, yeast, vital wheat gluten and dough conditioner.
  • Virtually zero gluten washout – when pumping fermented sponge through a heat exchanger. This will also reduce downtime that is normally required for this sanitation process.
  • Increased Product Safety and Consistency – The machine is designed and built with the Z50.2 Standard in mind.It’s NEMA 4x, IP 65, 12 gauge, 304 SS. Sanitary design along with automated ingredient feeding (by others) reduces scaling errors and contamination. The Mixing Chamber, the alternative to the standard Mixing Bowl, can be cleaned in the dishwasher!
  • 100% Gelatinization– This is possible using superheated water (mix and heat at the same time).  This has resulted in substantial natural shelf life extension via a huge reduction in normal starch retrogradation.

Best in Baking awardLook for us at booth #1821 at the Las Vegas Convention Center Oct. 8-11!

Rapidojet has been given the honor of being part of the IBIE 2016 B.E.S.T. in Baking Program. We are working hard to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly bakery industry.